London in Bits is a newsletter about London news, politics, arts, food and everything else that makes this city great.

We publish three times a week: You get the full works on Mondays and Wednesdays, plus a round up of interesting links and other flotsam on a Saturday to kick off your weekend.

“Yours is only the second mailing list ever that doesn’t annoy me into unsubscribing within weeks. Range of topics, writing style, and nearly every shot has something that I share with someone else.” - Reddit user, TrippleFrack

Where did LiB come from?

A long time ago, we started a blog called The Big Smoker. That site eventually joined the Gothamist family and (predictably) became Londonist.

Londonist has morphed into something else over the years, which means that, once again, we feel there’s nobody really writing about the city we love in a way that we think it deserves.

To try and redress that we created London in Bits. Our aim with this newsletter is to bring you both the beautiful and the infuriating parts of the capital. The headlines and the hyperlocal. The obvious and the underserved. And to wrap all of that up into something that’s interesting, funny, surprising and worthy of your inbox.

As we write this we’re just starting out, so there will inevitably be missteps and changes of direction as we find our way. But if you stick with us we promise we’ll do our best to bring London to life in a way you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

We also promise to never write anything resembling a listicle. And there will be no ads.

Is it free?

Yes. Everything is free right now. And the plan is to always have a free part to what we do.

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