Where Do You Go?

The manager of the French House on truffled cheddar, 'window licking' and the romance of Soho
The interior designer tells us about perfect cappuccinos, antique markets and Spitalfields by candlelight
The tattooist tells us about hand poking, icy waters and being named after a London street
The author and editor tells us about dog cocktails, unusual vegetables and year-round ice rinks
The secondhand book and zine seller tells us about his favourite London spots
The arts venue founder tells us about his favourite London spots
The artist and performer on Brutalist thinking spots, north London sunsets and great Eritrean food
The artist on the magic of maps, the pull of the Thames and the romance of old churches
The marketer, writer and designer on leaving London, coming back to London, and having a ciabatta named after her
The comedian and podcaster on Noughties Camden, train station sushi and her favourite Budgens
The strolling storytellers on pubs, pasta and public parks
The photographer and designer tells us about his favourite London spots